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Sunday, June 15, 2008

14th June 2008, Saturday.

SR Pusar Ulak, Brunei I

We had closing ceremony for academic weeks 2008. I was away at the beginning...rushing to SMSAB for the Tarian Final... then back in 30 minutes in SRPU hall to witness the Ss performances...

*thanks to Tc Zhu Zhu & Dk HBariah...

It starts wif with Preschool Maths performance (in which i missed it ) and followed by English quiz (hooray!) and continued by Malay 'the recital of puisi' by Primary 4 Ss. Next was the Maths quiz...(in which all quizzes was actively participated by Ss) and the most awaiting perfomance (by me... ) English Primary 2 & 3 'This is the way.." and closure of the day was another quiz... Bahasa Melayu.

Thanks for Tcrs who conducted the quizzes ;)

English - L.Bong Chu, Dk Heariul & Artinah..
BMelayu - Raine, Suriani, Hj Shafiee..
Mathematics - Norinnie, Raine again (haha), Dk Zura..

*ok..forgive me if i miss any names... ur name is here ( _____________ ) *wink*

Then, at 10am, Ss were dismissed for their recess...and we're back at hall 30 minutes later for another school event... Majlis Meraikan Pertukaran Mantan Penolong Guru Besar Cikgu Hasnan Bin Hj Puasa.

Highlights of the speech i must say was the pantun read by the Headmistress herself... 1 of it was.....
'Hari ini bertanam jagung,
Esok pula bertanam serai;
Hari ini kita bertemu,
Esok lusa kita bercerai'.

( doesnt sound right..but it more or less sound like dat... hehe... sori Cgu Hjh, correct me here if im wrong...tq )

And...... the 2nd term holiday finally here...... all tchers geared up with all holiday plan....BUT.... dont forget ur holiday homeworks!! i mean....ur holiday MUST do task... the academic work i mean... till den, njoy holiday!

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