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Friday, August 15, 2008

Next week the 19th, school will have our ASEAN Celebration (refer previous post..) and tasks have been distributed among teachers... and we get to handle the Jangan Lupa Lirik segment Aznil, Tom Tom Bak team and Astro team will be there as well...come, join the crowd!! the Brunei version... eh..i should say Brunei ASEAN version...

So, we are currently downloading and listening as many ASEAN folk songs as possible and try to learn their national languages as far, Sawadikappp, Kapkunkap, Mabohay... slow development eh . To give u a hint on how we're doing it, my dear readers...hereby :) i upload 1 cannot many-many mah...nanti u easily win the game... 1 video for this segment... memorize the lyric ok... hehe...

Let's give a big our local folk song...Api-Api Tunjung Ke Laut...yeehaaa!!

Ok..ok... it might not be the 100% folk song u have in ur mind...but u should get the rough idea already. Im not sure how, why and what though.. but GB convinced me it will be fun... So, Yes! it will be fun!!

i cant imagine prepared for the next William Hung here....

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