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Thursday, August 28, 2008

( Thank you for ur instant response / contribution... Nani & Lina )
nxt tym bgi stories skaligus..huhu...

Sukan Kecil SR Pusar Ulak (DAY 1)
Location : SR Pusar Ulak
Date : 28th August - AM (happy birthday!)

Give it to me....

Sumber Utama Air

Happy sweating reddish gorgez smiles always...

Whoa!! I wasnt there!! It does look fun! uhuk uhuk

Sukan Muhibbah Guru-Guru Kawasan Brunei I
Location : Padang SOAS.
Date : 28th August - PM (Happy Bday again!)

*click picture to enlarge*
More pictures in our album soon..... *nya, tym posa ia update... :p *

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