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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lets start by informing our dearest viewers (do we have any?) that our SCHOOL OFFICIAL WEBSITE is finally OPEN FOR PUBLIC!! and all of you will start neglecting this web... uhuk uhuk..

Anyway, you can click here to have a visit NOW or simply find its li
nk at your bottom left window. You may wandering why we have 2 links here... well, basically the Imac link are more graphic-friendly compare to the other one :) Do pay a visit people!

Next... pictures taken during the Taklimat Fardhu Ain/Kifayah conducted by Mr Hassan Bin Amran from Hyper Dimensi Marketing Sdn Bhd. They are currently promoting their Koleksi VCD Pendidikan & Panduan Agama Islam. A lot of us were interested although the price were quite ehem... . Somehow, we thanked school as they purchased it.... relief... and now can start taking turns watching the vcd's... hey! hey! don't forget 2nd Assessment is coming soon...lots of revision to do!! time!!Mr Hassan told us it consists of 42 vcds....

See...i told you, teachers were really interested... they ARE paying attention..

Happy Face of The Day...

And another happy faces.....



Now, a quick shot taken during The READING PROGRAM which are being carried out continously from Monday to Wednesday (7.15-7.35am).

*Parents...this is the reason why early birds are so lucky*

It is not some sort of punishment... they ARE reading..

It can be done everywhere....

Public Reading/Speaking..

And.... tq....cheerz!

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Anonymous said...

maju sudah pusar ulak ani! man,i miss this school. my teachers and friends. train the PSR students. wait. this year ada PSR ka? lol. i dont care. at least 5 students from srpu can enter MS each year. nothing is imposible! i miss ck hamzah!! haha.

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