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Sunday, August 24, 2008

(Forgive me for the title above..)

The heat was so unbearable.....! But we're so lucky and the kids shud be thankful as teachers had reminded them to bring pre-caution gears a.k.a umbrella ( eh.... hee) , cap, kiap... extra drinks etc....

poor Ss who were sitting at the back...they were so extremely exposed to the heat...

It was really2 hot (repeatedly complained by all...) that all of us especially students had started to lose their concentration. We kept our eyes on the Ss making sure they are still on their tip-top conditions.

The Ss who turned out for the event were around 35+ only with 3 buses provided. Primary 4 & Primary 5 Ss joined the crowd from 1.30 - 4.30pm.

We didnt watched the actual Finale... as it was raining and we need to get back to the school by 4.30pm. As a whole, it was fun and such a hot hot day...

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Anonymous said...


May I know,siapa saja cikgu yang terlibat dalam acara ani? Esp yang dalam this pic. Terima kasih.

Ex-Pusar Ulak,
Cikgu Zulfadhli
SR Panchor Murai

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