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Monday, March 16, 2009

Take a time-out by answering these...

What is the Secret Words??
1) Add 'y' to 'STORE' = ___________________
2) Rhymes with 'REACH' but starts with 't' = ___________________
3) Use 'f' instead of 'b' in 'BLOOD' = __________________
4) Replace 'v' with 'ch' in 'VOICE' = ____________________
5) Get rid of 'o' in 'ROBBER' and put 'u' in = __________________

ready for next questions? :)

6) "Who (knows, nose) the answer to the question about our (nose, knows)?"
7) (Our, Hour) grandfather clock chimes every (our, hour).
8) My football team's colours are red and (blue, blew)

and a lighter one ... :)

I have 4 legs and a tail. I have no teeth. I can swim and dive underwater. I carry my house with me. I am a ___________ .

Few questions taken from School English Week Activities...

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